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Black Oxide

With the addition of the environmentally friendly Black Oxide finish to the vast variety of the services that Professional Plating offers, comes another reason we are your one-stop-shop for your metal finishing needs.

Black Oxide Process - Cold

  • Black Oxide forms a black magnetite finish on all iron and non-stainless steel parts.
  • Provides a black satin finish of .00002” (.5 micron) thick
  • Oil sealer applied after Oxide for a heavy duty protective coating. It also adds lubricity to the parts.
  • Minimal salt spray protection


  • Size capabilities of 46” long, 28” wide, and 28” high
  • Manual hoist controlled
  • Custom racking to meet part needs


  • Provides an even black finish
  • No salt bloom
  • Mil Spec Compliant
  • Cast Irons do not turn red
  • Powder Metals don’t end up having salt blooms
  • No EPA Regulated Metals- Environmentally Friendly
  • Totally “Green” Process to meet Professional Plating’s standards
  • Very cost effective
  • Fast Delivery
  • Repeatable Availability
  • No dimensional changes with finish applied

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