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Small Box or Expedited Freight Shipments

Larry Dietz
Nov 07, 2016

We see all sorts of variations to how we are asked to ship product. 95% of all the material we process for our 450 different customers, goes out truck freight.
The majority of the other shipments are shipped via UPS and/or FedEx, per customer requests.

My article today is to communicate on how the UPS and FedEx shipping world can impact the quality and the resulting cost of the coatings we apply for you.
Raw parts as received are generally part to part contact when we get them, with the exception of polished materials that are cell packed or wrapped to prevent damage to raw parts.

The packaging we intend to use after the parts are processed is always called out on our quotations. Normal Options are:

-Bulk packed
-Layered in foam or paper
-Weaved in foam
-Layered in bubble wrap
-Wrapped in foam
-Individually bagged
-Individually foam pouched

The rough-and-tumble shipping world of UPS and FedEx does not fit for packaging to protect your parts the same as to what works on a truck freight scenario, so when a request is made to have us UPS or FedEx a part that is quoted as layered in paper or foam, all bets are off for that part to safely survive in the UPS/FedEx world.

The parts have to be repackaged, likely by hand wrapping them and then adding packaging materials to the box to take out any extra space. We do our best to work to prevent the parts from hitting each other or being damaged for the upcoming rough-and-tumble ride they have head of them! These extra costs are not typically figured into the price.

We understand the need for some rush shipments and we do our very best to work with all customers to meet those needs. However, the request to use a small box courier and repacking the parts will drive price changes for these customers that see that as their standard call out for shipping.

The quality impact again is that we cannot control how the UPS and FedEx packages are transferred and bounced around at different sites on their way to you or to your designated ship to address.

The key for your operation is to know that when you request UPS or FedEx you also accept the risk that your parts may not arrive in the same cosmetic conditions as they would truck freight and as they left our plant.

Again we understand your need to try to control shipping costs. And we respect that very much. There's a trade-off when it comes to what can be handled in the UPS/FedEx world and what cannot go safely via those methods.

Safety of our team members also comes into play in a big way when parts need to be repacked for small box shipments. Typically, we are looking for boxes to not go over 50 pounds for weight safety and ergonomics purposes. At times we get requests to ship out boxes well in excess of this weight point. We again need to emphasize the safety of your team and ours, is paramount.

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