Less than a month ago we announced plans for a new barrel plating line to run by the end of 2023 to add more barrel zinc capacity.

Today we are reaching out to say “Here We Grow Again” with another new capital project to design, build and install a new Epoxy Ecoat line to replace our present equipment.

This investment of $5.3 million is being made with a plan to be operational in July 2024. We will continue to run our existing epoxy ecoat machine throughout the equipment fabrication and installation phases to meet our customer needs!

This new line will be larger and have additional features, options and added capacity over our current machine, which is has been updated and upgraded many times over its 30 year life. The new line will also have additional automation with improved water controls, oil skimming and automated chemical feeds.

We are pleased to make this latest investment that will allow our valued team members to continue to deliver to the service levels that our customer base expects of us.