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Your parts are manufactured and sent to us for a striking finish.

The parts arrive and get finished in our top of the line facility.

Your parts arive at your shop, or right at your customer's door.


7-Time Top Shop Winner

Professional Plating is a triple threat when it comes to finishing; not only is it one of the largest electroplaters in the Midwest, but it also has a large powder coating operation and an electrocoat facility.

More impressive, Professional Plating has been a five-time Products Finishing Top Shops Benchmarking Survey award winner for both plating and powder coating, taking home the prestigious award each year that it has been offered.

Rock Solid Reviews

Professional Plating (PPI) has been a preferred supplier and partner of Lincoln Industries for more than ten years. Currently, PPI processes and finishes more than 130 different part numbers for Lincoln Industries. Over the years PPI has become a key player in Lincoln Industries growth strategy as a member of Lincoln Industries’ supplier advisory council. At Lincoln Industries, we rely on PPI and their competent people to meet customer commitments, projects quality requirements and timelines. PPI continuously meets our demanding criteria for delivery performance, customer support and business impact. During the last couple years we have re-sourced multiple projects from poor performing suppliers to PPI. Cosmetic gloss powder is a difficult finish and very few companies have the systems and the technical abilities that PPI has, to be able to consistently process it successfully. Lincoln Industries people and PPI people have very close business relationships at each level and work closely on a daily basis. We appreciate PPI’s commitment as we work together to meet or exceed the high expectations of our customers.

Bagher Tarkian

Lincoln Industries

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