wisconsin barrel platingSmaller parts, including fasteners, hardware, and metal stampings can be efficiently and economically handled in Professional Plating’s Barrel Zinc Plating line.

Our Barrel Plating line is fully automated and digitally controlled with special programs, and individual recipes to manage cleaning, plating, and chromating operations. Strict compliance with our Statistical Process Control ensures the quality of every barrel plating project we do. All finishes are Trivalent RoHS compliant except for Hex Black.

Our 21-barrel, 27-station line enables us to process thousands of pounds of material every day. With this exceptional capacity we can provide rapid turnaround time. For urgent projects, we can turn the work around even faster with no loss of quality.

Barrel Line Standards:

  • Coatings per ASTM B633 specifications
  • Acid Zinc Chloride bath system
  • Clear, Pro Dura Clear, Yellow and Black available on line (All RoHS and Hex-free compliant)
  • Hex Black and dyes available
  • System is fully automated and programmable with oscillation mode available
  • Statistical Process Control ensures consistent quality

ASTM B 633 Types, Classifications, and Service Conditions:

  • Type I — As plated without supplementary treatment
  • Type II — With colored conversion coatings
  • Type III — With colorless chromate conversion coatings
Fe/Zn 25 25 um .001″ SC 4 (very severe) – Exposure to harsh conditions such as moisture, cleaners, saline solutions, and extreme wear.
Fe/Zn 12 12 um .00048″ SC 3 (severe) – Exposure to condensation, perspiration, infrequent rain, and cleaners
Fe/Zn 8 8 um .00032″ SC 2 (moderate) – Exposure to dry indoor atmospheres but subject to occasional condensation, wear, or abrasion
Fe/Zn 5 5 um .0002″ SC 1 (mild) – Exposure to indoor atmospheres with rare condensation and minimum wear or abrasion

At Professional Plating we are fully committed to meeting your needs for fine quality plating and prompt service.

We take pride in being both innovative and flexible. Contact us for all of your Barrel Zinc and Metal Finishing needs.