Rack Zinc Plating

Professional Plating takes pride in providing the finest Zinc Plating in the industry. We also take pride in getting it done rapidly to meet your most demanding schedules. Contact us for all of your Zinc Plating and Metal Finishing needs.

Rack Zinc Plating Processes:

    • Coatings per ASTM B633 specifications
    • Acid Zinc Chloride bath system
    • Trivalent Clear Chromate (RoHS and Hex-free compliant)
    • High Corrosion trivalent Pro Dura Clear (RoHS and Hex-free compliant)
    • Hex Black Chromate
    • Hex Yellow Chromate
    • Trivalent Yellow
    • Trivalent Black

Rack Line Standards:

  • Capable of handling parts 108″ long, 48″ high by 12″ wide
  • Excellent for long, large quantity runs
  • Hoist systems provide great flexibility
  • Three different chromates can be run at the same time, providing greater efficiencies

Quality Assurance:

  • Strict adherence to Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Constantly monitored for consistent high quality
  • Coatings to ASTM B633 Standards

ASTM B 633 Types, Classifications, and Service Conditions:

  • Type I — As plated without supplementary treatment – special process in Barrel
  • Type II — With colored conversion coatings
  • Type III — With colorless chromate conversion coatings
  • Type IV — With Colored Passivate
  • Type V — With Colorless Passivate
Fe/Zn 25 25 um .001″ SC 4 (very severe) – Exposure to harsh conditions such as moisture, cleaners, saline solutions, and extreme wear.
Fe/Zn 12 12 um .00048″ SC 3 (severe) – Exposure to condensation, perspiration, infrequent rain, and cleaners
Fe/Zn 8 8 um .00032″ SC 2 (moderate) – Exposure to dry indoor atmospheres but subject to occasional condensation, wear, or abrasion
Fe/Zn 5 5 um .0002″ SC 1 (mild) – Exposure to indoor atmospheres with rare condensation and minimum wear or abrasion