What Objects can be Electroplated?

Electroplating continues to be one of the best ways to coat your products in this day and age. It is fast, efficient, and very effective! Electroplating puts a metal coat on your products using electricity! A current gets passed through a solution by dipping two terminals into it that are electrically charged. This then breaks […]

Different Color Types of Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is one of the most popular finishes in the industry because it offers rust and corrosion protection, better electricity conducting, and even adds a style boast. It is perfect for automobiles, medical supplies, and anything else you could want to zinc plate. This type of plating is an extremely versatile material that can […]

What to Look for in a Powder Coating Company

There are many different companies popping up all over the place that are starting to offer powder coating services. This makes it much harder to choose a powder coating company when the time comes. How do you pick the right one? No need to worry, Professional Plating has got you covered! Here are a few […]

What is Zinc Plating?

A lot of our blogs and business goes to zinc plating. It is one of the most popular plating options we offer and comes with a ton of advantages for your products. Zinc is a cheap metal and getting your product plated with it can end us saving you a bunch of money and making […]

Why Choose Professional Plating for Electroplating

Electroplating is huge in today’s modern environment. So many different pieces of equipment require electroplating such as hospital equipment, car parts, outdoor equipment, tools, and so much more! It is very possible and can be used to save time, make something look amazing, or make it conduct electricity! Here are a few reasons you should […]

Products Finishing | “An Altruistic Growth Strategy Puts People First”

Professional Plating has been named one of Product Finishing’s “Top Shops”!  We had a visit from some of the Product Finishing team members to tour our shop and to learn more about what we do to keep our business growing. Our team stood out to Products Finishing because of the organization’s ability to continually grow […]