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    Start with your present or last job. Include any job-related military service assignments and volunteer activities. you may exclude organizations which indicate race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disabilities or other protected status. Please complete all appropriate items, even if you have already provided us with a resume.
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    As part of this application I hereby authorize Professional Plating to investigate my references and make an independent investigation of my character, conduct, and employment records.

    I understand that, if hired, I must provide proof of my eligibility to work in the United States.

    I understand that failure to reveal any of the information requested on this application, or the giving of any false or misleading information by me will be grounds for refusal of hire or discharge. I understand and acknowledge that this employment application and any other Company documents are not contracts of employment and that any individual hired is an employee at will and may be terminated by the Company at any time and for any reason not prohibited by statute. Any statement or promises to the contrary are disavowed and cannot be relied upon by any applicant or existing employee.