Here at PPI, we are proud of our story

We are proud of our history, we are proud of our culture, and most importantly we are proud of all of our team members who make our business successful.

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Professional Plating Inc. was established in 1979. In May of 1979 the zinc plating operation began with the barrel line being Professional Plating’s sole production area. In June of 1983 the company expanded its zinc plating capabilities with the purchase of a Cyclemaster rack line.


1988 brought further expansion. A 12,000 square food addition became the home for our Acrylic E-coat line, and our lab was upgraded to include precision testing equipment. Later, in the fall of 1991, Professional Plating Inc. found a need to enhance the E-coating choices offered to our customers. The addition of an Epoxy e-coat line proved to be beneficial to Professional Plating and it opened up a greater market of customers.


As Professional Plating continued to grow and become more successful an added rack line, more office space, increased customer storage and a separate maintenance area was completed in 1993.


In 1998, Professional Plating added a state of the art powder coat system. With this newest addition also came the expansion of our lab area, shipping, and additional storage for finished products.


In 2002 Professional Plating once again upgraded our wastewater system, by updating with a 5,000 square foot wastewater treatment system. The new system places Professional Plating ahead of EPA and DNR regulations along with reducing hazardous waste disposal costs.


The spring of 2009 brought new and exciting things to Professional Plating. With the 65,000 sq. ft addition, bringing us to 150,000 sq ft, we increased our shipping and receiving dock capacity, while also increasing our storage area for finished product. Additionally, we added a state of the art zinc barrel plating line.


In November of 2015, Professional Plating moved ahead with its next major expansion. We first moved an existing 10,000 square foot building to a separate property offsite of our Northway Drive location. This allowed us to construct a new 60,000 square foot addition. Along with that addition came a new state-of-the art zinc rack plating machine. The building and equipment installation was completed and started up in November 2016.


Our outside appearance changed in December 2017 when our Team moved into a new collaborative office center. We also completed the remodeling and repurposing of our old office space into a 10,000 square foot Work Lounge and Wellness Center for our Team. Our latest capital growth came about in December 2018, we completed the installation of our newest Zinc Rack plating line, Rack 5. At a cost of $3.6 million dollars, we have once again invested in our future to stay on the leading edge.

NEW as of 2021

In June of 2021 we issued purchase orders to launch our next major piece of capacity growth at Professional Plating. We began the process of procuring and installing our NEW Rack Line 6 zinc rack plating machine. This machine started production in June of 2022. This Productivity is 10 racks an hour and 288 sq. feet an hour. The machine has 23 tanks total with a 15 tank in the pretreatment system. It offers the capability to use multiple chromates and uses same tooling that is standardized to our two largest zinc rack lines – rack 4 and 5. The total investment for the building renovations and machine procurement is approx. $4.5 million. With our newest Rack line 6 installation also came a major renovation and expansion of our Quality Lab facilities. The size was increased by 50% and the complete layout and flow are new to offer enhanced timing and improve our lab efficiencies.