Electroplating is one of the most advanced plating options on the market. It can give an absolutely impeccable finish that is durable, long last, and resistant to many different types of elements including heat, water, and corrosion. Just like everything though, there is the possibility of issues developing. The most common issue that can arise from electroplating is porosity.

Porosity is microscopic holes that can form in the coating of a product. This usually happens when the surface of a metal isn’t smooth before electroplating. Our professionals at Professional Plating understand that this can cause a less durable finish so we only electroplate products when we know they are ready and able to get the best finishing option.

Porosity can be a huge problem because it doesn’t just make the metal less durable, it also can lead to corrosion seeping into the metal below. It lessens the overall strength and thickness of the coating and can even reduce the conductivity of a metal. Porosity can be prevented by smoothing out the surface before it is electroplated or underplating can be added before the electroplating process. This can’t stop porosity but it can stop the corrosion caused by porosity.

Porosity can be a huge problem when it comes to electroplating your products. It can make them less durable and just a much weaker product in general that can easily succumb to corrosion. That’s why it is important that when you look for a company to electroplate your products, they know about this issue and will do everything they can to prevent it. Professional Plating is one of those companies.

Our other services include Barrel Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Multi-Process Plating and Coating, Pro-Advantage Coating, Pro-Dura Clear (only available at Professional Plating), and Zinc Plating. Get a quote today if you are in need of coating or plating services.