Inside Professional Plating: Your Top Shop’s Metal Finisher

There are very few powerhouses in the industry that are located outside of large cities. Here at Professional Plating, we believe in community. We are situated in the small town of Brillion, Wisconsin and have been here since 1979! Throughout the years, we have grown at a substantial rate and watched this amazing town grow […]

The Power of Powder Coating

Powder Coating is one of the most versatile processes in the plating industry. It has so many useful properties besides just coating your product – and don’t let the word powder fool you, this coating is tough! Powder Coating is much better than paint and most other coating methods. Powder Coating can do so much […]

Choosing the Right Metal Finishing

Choosing the Right Metal Finishing: A Guide to Selecting the Best Option for You When it comes to metal finishing, the array of options can be overwhelming. Each method offers unique advantages and is tailored to specific applications. In this guide, we’ll explore five popular metal finishing techniques offered by Professional Plating – Acrylic E-Coat, […]

Barrel Zinc Plating: Essential Benefits for Your Metal Components

Today, we’re diving into the world of barrel zinc plating. It’s not just another coating – it’s a shield that protects your metal parts from rust and adds a shiny new finish. Let’s explore why barrel zinc plating is the solution your metal components have been searching for. Unmatched Rust Protection: First and foremost, barrel […]

Zinc Plating has been expanded!

Professional Plating is excited to announce that our new zinc barrel plating line has gone into full  production as of January 15th 2024.  The $4.4 million dollar machine was added to increase capacity, improve lead times and control  quality with improved repeatability and enhance service for your finishing needs.  With our existing barrel line having […]

Common parts that require metal coatings

As a manufacturer, it’s essential to understand the importance of metal coatings in your products. Metal coatings provide an extra layer of protection to your products, making them more durable and long-lasting. They also enhance the visual appeal of your products, making them more attractive to potential customers. In this article, we will discuss some […]

What parts are commonly electroplated in the automotive industry?

In the automotive industry, several parts are commonly electroplated for various purposes, including: Bumpers: Both front and rear bumpers are often electroplated with materials like chrome or nickel to enhance their appearance and provide corrosion resistance. Grilles: Grilles are frequently electroplated with chrome or other metals to improve their aesthetics and durability. Emblems and Badges: […]

Why Professional Plating Recommends Zinc Plating for Outdoor Power

At Professional Plating, we recommend zinc plating for several industries to help companies have aesthteically appealing and durable parts for their various machines whether it’s a car, motorcycle, or office furniture frame.  Zinc plating offers several benefits when used on outdoor power parts, particularly those exposed to various environmental conditions. Here are some key advantages: […]

Benefits of choosing Powder Coating

Powder coating is a popular finishing technique used in a variety of industries for coating metal, glass, and even some types of plastics. It offers several benefits compared to traditional liquid coatings. Here are some of the key advantages of powder coating: Durability: Powder coating provides a durable and long-lasting finish that is resistant to […]