Zinc Plating has been expanded!

Professional Plating is excited to announce that our new zinc barrel plating line has gone into full  production as of January 15th 2024.  The $4.4 million dollar machine was added to increase capacity, improve lead times and control  quality with improved repeatability and enhance service for your finishing needs.  With our existing barrel line having […]

Common parts that require metal coatings

As a manufacturer, it’s essential to understand the importance of metal coatings in your products. Metal coatings provide an extra layer of protection to your products, making them more durable and long-lasting. They also enhance the visual appeal of your products, making them more attractive to potential customers. In this article, we will discuss some […]

What parts are commonly electroplated in the automotive industry?

In the automotive industry, several parts are commonly electroplated for various purposes, including: Bumpers: Both front and rear bumpers are often electroplated with materials like chrome or nickel to enhance their appearance and provide corrosion resistance. Grilles: Grilles are frequently electroplated with chrome or other metals to improve their aesthetics and durability. Emblems and Badges: […]

Why Professional Plating Recommends Zinc Plating for Outdoor Power

At Professional Plating, we recommend zinc plating for several industries to help companies have aesthteically appealing and durable parts for their various machines whether it’s a car, motorcycle, or office furniture frame.  Zinc plating offers several benefits when used on outdoor power parts, particularly those exposed to various environmental conditions. Here are some key advantages: […]

Benefits of choosing Powder Coating

Powder coating is a popular finishing technique used in a variety of industries for coating metal, glass, and even some types of plastics. It offers several benefits compared to traditional liquid coatings. Here are some of the key advantages of powder coating: Durability: Powder coating provides a durable and long-lasting finish that is resistant to […]

What are the benefits of acrylic e-coating

Electrocoating, or e-coating, is a process that uses an electrically charged paint bath to apply a coating to a conductive object. Acrylic e-coating specifically refers to the use of acrylic-based coatings in this process. Here are some benefits associated with acrylic e-coating: Corrosion Resistance: Acrylic e-coatings provide excellent corrosion resistance, protecting the coated object from […]

Unveiling the Best Metals for E-Coating

E-coating, short for electrocoating, is a highly effective and widely used method for providing metal surfaces with superior protection against corrosion, wear, and environmental factors. This innovative process involves immersing metal parts in an electrically charged paint bath, ensuring even and thorough coverage. In this blog post, we’ll explore the types of metals for e-coating […]

E-coating for component protection in the Aerospace Industry

E-coating, also known as electrophoretic deposition (EPD) or electrocoating, is a commonly used process in the aerospace industry for component protection.  It is a coating method that involves the use of electrically charged paint or coating material to protect various components from corrosion, wear, and other environmental factors. Here is how the e-coating process typically […]

E-coating Colors: What’s the Difference?

The E-coating process has changed the way many producers think about coating their products. There are so many advantages to e-coating your products; such as more durability, better corrosion resistance, and so many more. But many people forgot how much of an advantage the coat and e-coating colors are. First, let’s talk about that beautiful […]