Professional Plating Inc. is proud to announce the completion of a major cost improvement program.

Working in conjunction with Focus on Energy and Brantmeier Electric of Chilton, Professional Plating embarked on a total and complete changeover to LED lighting in our production facility.

This investment amounted to approximately $315,000.00.   Focus on Energy provided input and support to the program, while Brantmeier Electric provided expertise and leadership for a comprehensive successful design and layout that met the needs of the business.

Some of these statistics include the following:

  • Focus on Energy Incentive – $19,288.00
  • Demand Savings – 53 kW
  • Annual Electric Savings – 348,417 kWh
  • Lifecycle Electric Savings – 6,025,073 kWh
  • Annual Electric Cost Savings – $27,000.00

Professional Plating remains committed to improving our workplace with better lighting conditions, as well as reducing the overall long-term footprint of utilities used, while reducing costs in doing so.

We would like to once again thank Focus on Energy and Brantmeier Electric for their help and support in providing this win-win for their team members and the company.

Shown accepting the check from Focus on Energy are (left to right), Carl Weber, Maintenance Manager – PPI; Ted Verhaagh,  Energy Adviser for Focus on Energy; Mike Brantmeier, Owner of Brantmeier Electric; and Larry Dietz General Manager – PPI.