Product enhancement and durability are what you get with Professional Plating‘s new Powder Coat Finishes. A 10 stage pre-treatment with iron phosphate and our “Pro-Seal” life-extending non-chrome sealant maximizes your corrosion protection. The entire pretreatment is supplied with Reverse Osmosis water to ensure a spot-free surface for painting.

To eliminate a possible source of contamination on your parts, the track of our conveyor is inverted.

Separate dry-off and curing ovens with individual temperature controls allow maximum flexibility when painting your parts. The air in the curing oven is filtered to eliminate airborne contaminants from compromising your paint finish.

Powder Coat Standards

  • Capable of finishing parts 6′ long, 42″ high by 25″ wide
  • Can paint any color to these lengths
  • Excellent for large quantity runs
  • Maximum salt spray results with 10 stage washer system

Powder Paint is applied in a state-of-the-art environmental room to ensure optimum conditions and quality all year round. Paint is applied in one of two booths in the environmental room. The eight gun automatic booth recycles unused powder and is used for longer runs. The manual spray booth is used for short runs and samples. Both paint booths utilize the latest technology for applying your finish.

Custom Powder Coatings

We can provide hundreds of different colors for your Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile or Automotive restoration projects. There is no job too small or too large. Contact us for all of your Powder Coat and Metal Finishing needs.

Powder Coat Colors

Satin Black
Gloss Black
Flat Black
+ Many More…