Electroplating is huge in today’s modern environment. So many different pieces of equipment require electroplating such as hospital equipment, car parts, outdoor equipment, tools, and so much more! It is very possible and can be used to save time, make something look amazing, or make it conduct electricity! Here are a few reasons you should choose Professional Plating for all your Electroplating

Brand – Professional Plating is one of the biggest coating and plating companies in the Midwest. We lead the Midwestern market in innovation and production. We’ve been established since 1979 and have made a huge name for ourselves across many different states. Check out our amazing reviews from real customers!

Efficiency – We are a large and established company so we get your electroplated items out as quickly as possible! Not only that, but we are a one-stop shop! Your parts can come straight to us from your manufacturer, we electroplate them, and then ship them out exactly where you want them! We make it easy at Professional Plating!

Quality – With our state-of-the-art electroplating technology, we assure our customers nothing but the highest quality. All of our products meet or exceed expectations. Our technology can electroplate almost anything, even in the hardest-to-reach places.

Professional Plating has always had a huge standard for any product that we produce. We know you’ll be happy with anything you get coated or plated. Come on down to Professional Plating and let us take care of your product!

Our other services include Barrel Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Multi-Process Plating and Coating, Pro-Advantage Coating, Pro-Dura Clear (only available at Professional Plating), and Zinc Plating. Get a quote today if you are in need of coating or plating services.