Professional Plating is a one-stop coating and plating Merrill company that serves you every step from the factory right to your door. We are proud to be serving our customers since 1979, and we want to help your company get the quality coated and plated parts needed to succeed.

Check out the various types of coating and plating offered: 

Acrylic E-Coat Merrill

Acrylic E-Coating is a durable, high-performance coating that works well for a wide variety of exterior applications. If your parts or products need to resist ultraviolet light and corrosion, this coating process is for you.

Multi-Process Merrill

Multi-process is just like it sounds; it combines more than one of the finishes we offer. So if you need zinc plating and powder coating, we can do that. If you need e-coating and zinc coating, we can do that. You get the idea. Just let us know how we can help you.

Barrel Zinc Plating Merrill

Barrel Zinc Plating is best for smaller parts such as fasteners, metal stampings, and hardware. 

Epoxy E-Coat Merrill

Epoxy E-Coating is a coating process that provides a beautiful finish and exceptional durability without the use of lead or chrome pigments or phenolic resins.

Powder Coat Merrill

Powder Coating maximizes corrosion protection of all of your parts and products. Powder coating is a 10 stage pre-treatment process.

Pro-Advantage Merrill

Pro-Advantage combines E-Coat and Powder Coat in a one-stop finishing process all under one roof. This provides our customers with multiple advantages from reduced inventory that needs to be on hand to your parts’ extended life.

Pro-Dura Clear Merrill

Pro-Dura Clear is an extended life performance finish we offer. This is superior corrosion resistance at its best. 

Rack Zinc Merrill

We offer Rack Zinc Plating that is done rapidly to meet your most demanding schedules.

When you are looking for a coating and plating Merrill company, Professional Plating is here to serve you from the factory right to your door. We hope this broad overview of all of the coating and plating services we offer has been helpful. For more on our rack line standards, quality assurance, or processes, check out our website or call one of our professional team members to answer any questions. We proudly serve Merrill areas.