If you are in need of electroplating in Appleton, Professional Plating Inc. in Brillion is one of the largest electroplaters in the Midwest. We have been providing coating and plating services since 1979. Our years of professional experience, allows us to provide you with the highest quality parts for your manufacturing process.

Electroplating is essential in manufacturing. When you need to change the surface properties of an object to ensure wear resistance, corrosion protection, aesthetic qualities, lubricity (to name a few), electroplating is used.

Electroplating Appleton – 

  • Barrel Zinc – This type of electroplating is great for smaller parts such as fasteners, hardware, and metal stamping, and is cost-effective for plating large volumes.
  • Rack Zinc – This type of electroplating is used for larger objects, intricately shaped parts, or for delicate parts that cannot withstand the tumbling of barrel plating. Our rack line is capable of handling parts 110″ long, 60″ high by 30″ wide.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your electroplating and coating needs in Appleton, Professional Plating is it. We provide, zinc plating, e-coating, and powder coating. We have one customer service connection that will help you with all of your work.

We know when you are in manufacturing, it is important to have your parts and materials in a timely manner. That is why we are proud to be able to deliver what you need when you need it. We travel daily to Appleton and the surrounding areas to ensure you have everything needed to finish your project so you can serve your customers.

While electroplating is an essential manufacturing process used for an infinite number of parts and projects, we at Professional Plating Inc. are experts in coatings, whether it be electroplating, metal finishing, e-coating, powder coating, or zinc plating. We provide services to Appleton and the surrounding areas. Contact one of our team members to discuss your upcoming projects and electroplating needs at 920.756.2153. Our team is able to offer fast and accurate quotes, and we are committed to quality work and being environmentally responsible.