WireTech Fabricators, INC has been a leader in the wire forming industry in the midwest since 1963. Investing in the latest technology for the wire forming industry has become increasingly important as there continues to be a labor shortage and an increased need to avoid costly mistakes as the cost of materials increases. Both WireTech and Professional Plating has been taking the need to invest in the latest technology seriously to continue to provide businesses with high-quality products. Here is how WireTech is tackling the technology challenges:

CNC for Wire Bending

Industries that use wire bending range from outdoor power, office furniture, automotive, and more so orders are large and need to be consistent. CNC or “computer numerical control” is a process that uses computers, robotic arms, and rollers to develop 2D and 3D parts. Here are the advantages of the CNC process:

  • Computers – Most of us interact with computers on a daily basis to make our lives easier.
    Whether it’s the coffee machine at Kwik Trip, the self check out at Costco, or the most
    used computer….our smartphones, it is hard to go an entire day without interacting with
    a computer. By investing in computers, WireTech is able to use the latest software to
    make creating designs and programming machines more efficient than the old manual
    programming days.
  • Robotic Arms – It is mesmerizing watching a robotic arm at work but they are more
    than a form of relaxing entertainment. Robotic arms have allowed WireTech to get
    better product consistency to reduce the risk of defects and maximize the use of a
    smaller labor force.

Professional Plating proudly coats or plates parts from WireTech Fabricators, INC because it
keeps the work in Wisconsin for better lead times for both of our customers. Click here to learn
more about WireTech Fabricators, INC.