With recent blogs we have highlighted Electroplating and Powder coating as some of the most efficient and durable ways to finish products here at Professional plating. But what is the difference between the two and when do you want to use each? 

Electroplating, like the name suggests, uses an electric current that gets passed through an electrolyte where a metal object was placed. This causes the electrolyte to split which results in some of the metal’s atoms being coated on the object being finished.

Powder Coating also coats an object but it instead uses a powder that gets cured under uv light or heat. Powder coating an object is way more durable than the average paint job and is a good way to get multiple objects painted in an efficient long-lasting manner. 

Both of these finishes are durable and environmentally friendly, but the application and use vary widely. Powder Coating is best for use on appliances or outdoor objects that require a stronger paint job so as to not chip or fade. Electroplating has more of a benefit to the materials properties. Some great benefits of electroplating are corrosion protection, friction and abrasion resistance, increased wear resistance, and electrical conductivity. 

Both finishes are a great way to enhance your product however you desire depending on the benefits you want. If you need help finding out what finish is perfect for you, feel free to contact us and we will help you pick the best finish for your product. Whatever finish you require, Professional Plating has you covered. 

Our other services include Barrel Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Multi-Process Plating and Coating, Pro-Advantage Coating, Pro-Dura Clear (only available at Professional Plating), and Zinc PlatingGet a quote today if you are in need of coating or plating services.