Metal finishing gives even the most worn-out and discolored metals a clean and sophisticated look. It has become increasingly popular for many different professions and has revolutionized the market. There are many different ways now to add a metal finishing to your products. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Powder CoatingPowder coating is one of the more popular options of metal finishes. It is used more as a decorative layer and replaces paint in most instances. However, it lasts longer, resists chipping better, and can bend more easily than your average paint. 
  • Metal Plating – Metal plating is used more in manufacturing and the metal is applied to a product in a thin layer. This process enhances the metal significantly, making it able to conduct electricity in some instances, more resistant to corrosion, strengthens the metal, and adds another layer of visual appeal! This type helps many different fields all over the world improve their products and cheapen their services!
  • Sandblasting – Sandblasting does exactly what it sounds like, it blasts sand! This process can make any metal much smoother since sand is an abrasive material. This cleans and finishes a metal so it reduces costs significantly! 
  • Anodizing – Anodizing a metal is usually just a metal finishing option that is used on aluminum but can be used on some other standard metals. It alters the molecular composition of metal and adds the same benefits of metal plating!

All of these options of metal finishing will enhance your metal for the better. Which one you choose is up to you and the product you have. Contact Professional Plating today for help on which process is right for you! 

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