Additional Zinc Barrel Capacity

Professional Plating is pleased to announce that we are expanding our footprint once again in an effort to continually meet the needs of our valued customers. An investment of over $4 million is being made on a brand new zinc barrel line that will be on-line by the end of calendar 2023 in our Brillion, […]

Benefits of Zinc Plating

Metals are used in almost every major industry; they are the staple of the modern age. Metal lasts much longer than other materials, but it will corrode after some time without protection. In order for it as long as we need it, zinc plating is one of the metal finishings that you need. Professional plating […]

What is E-Coating?

In the Professional Plating industry, E-coating is one of the best options to date! It skyrocketed in popularity in that less than couple of decades, but what is it and why is it so popular? E-coating, or Electroplating, is the process of coating your product with a different metal through electrical currents. This works by […]

Differences Between Zinc Plating and Galvanization

Zinc Plating and galvanization can seem very similar when looking into processes to get your product metal plated. Both processes involve zinc being applied to your product, but how they get applied and the results vary greatly. Here are a few differences between zinc plating and galvanization: The process – Zinc plating is a process […]

Why is Powder Coating Important?

Many people in the plating industry talk about powder coats as one of the best options to coat your product. Many times, it is brought up in conversations with paint and it is expressed in no uncertain terms why powder coating is so much better than paint, or most other coating methods. Why is this […]

What Objects can be Electroplated?

Electroplating continues to be one of the best ways to coat your products in this day and age. It is fast, efficient, and very effective! Electroplating puts a metal coat on your products using electricity! A current gets passed through a solution by dipping two terminals into it that are electrically charged. This then breaks […]

Different Color Types of Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is one of the most popular finishes in the industry because it offers rust and corrosion protection, better electricity conducting, and even adds a style boast. It is perfect for automobiles, medical supplies, and anything else you could want to zinc plate. This type of plating is an extremely versatile material that can […]