Powder coating care and maintenance tips

Powder coating is a very durable paint job that exceeds the benefits of regular paint and can last for many years. However, even the most durable items can eventually get wore down by use, the weather, and buildup. The best way to stop this from happening to your newly powder coating item is to make […]

I ordered Zinc…..Not Chrome

I ordered zinc…..not chrome….are you sure these are zinc? Looks can be deceiving they say.  But not when you know what quality levels and chemistry that Professional Plating supplies on their zinc rack plating lines.  While others exist to try and hit for average, we are set up to exceed!  Your parts and your end-use […]

Electroplating Versus Powder Coating

With recent blogs we have highlighted Electroplating and Powder coating as some of the most efficient and durable ways to finish products here at Professional plating. But what is the difference between the two and when do you want to use each?  Electroplating, like the name suggests, uses an electric current that gets passed through […]

Should you be using Powder Coating for your Products

Today’s consumer is always in search of the most efficient and long-lasting way to complete a project. That’s why many consumers look to powder coating in order to quickly paint their products and save money. But when should you use it? From our previous blogs, we know that powder coating is a dry powder application […]

October Newsletter

The latest edition of the Professional Plating quarterly newsletter is available for your reading pleasure! Electronic Newsletter October 2020

Pros & Cons of Powder Coating

Before determining the pros and cons of powder coating, we have to define what powder coating is.  Powder coating is a dry powder application applied electrostatically and cured under uv light or heat.  It creates a more durable coating than regular paint and can be used to coat metals, appliances, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, etc that […]

When to use e-coating & the benefits of it

Consumers today expect high quality and durability when they invest their money, so manufacturers have to deliver a visually appealing product that will last and perform. The team at Professional Plating uses the latest technology in electrodeposition (e-coating) that consumers expect to invest in because we take pride in the work we do. If you’ve […]

Taking a New Ride in the Park!

The headline is referring to legendary road racing speed park,  Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI. Professional Plating is proud to announce associate sponsorship for this weekends NASCAR Xfinity Series “Henry 180” weekend. Race fans will have the opportunity to watch some of NASCAR’s future stars as they test their skills on the storied 4-mile, […]

What Are The Benefits of Zinc Plating?

Zinc plating has been around for decades and is the first line of defense to fight against rust and corrosion. For those who often work with steels and metals in general, they will know the benefits of zinc plating and how important it is to keep up standard maintenance to prevent aging. Its low-cost plating […]