Many people in the plating industry talk about powder coats as one of the best options to coat your product. Many times, it is brought up in conversations with paint and it is expressed in no uncertain terms why powder coating is so much better than paint, or most other coating methods. Why is this though? What puts this special type of coating above so many options for coating your product? Well, here are a couple of reasons it is important for your products!

Efficiency – Powder coating is so much more efficient than other options. Every part of your product will be completely covered and there will be no weak spots or spots that look poorly covered. Before the process even begins, your product is cleaned thoroughly so there are no blemishes or marks.

Durability – powder coating does not just coat the product to give it a nice clean colored look, it also makes your product more durable. Powder-coated products are protected from things like rust or corrosion and last longer than products that are not powder coated.

Money saving – As stated above, powder coating is an efficient process. That means if you have hundreds or even thousands of parts that need powder coating, this process can be done relatively quickly and end up costing less than most other methods of coating products!

Eco-friendly – The cherry on top of the process is that it is very eco-friendly! The powder has no harsh chemicals like other coating options, which means less harm to the environment!

Powder coating is a great choice for any product. It is important for so many industries as a cost-effective and efficient process that makes products have a long and healthy life! Call Professional Plating today for all your powder coating needs!

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