Before determining the pros and cons of powder coating, we have to define what powder coating is.  Powder coating is a dry powder application applied electrostatically and cured under uv light or heat.  It creates a more durable coating than regular paint and can be used to coat metals, appliances, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles, etc that require a tougher paint job. As great as powder coating sounds, there are pros and cons of this painting application.

Pros of Powder Coating

  • Durability – A durable paint job especially for a vehicle that endures paint chips door dings hail, heavy rain, sunshine, heat etc so powder coating is an ideal choice.  Powder coating is scratch, chip, and fade resistant.
  • Environmentally friendly – Powder coating doesn’t contain solvents that are pollutants like liquid paint.
  • Money-Saving – Using a more environmentally friendly coating method reduces costs associated with the disposal of hazardous material required by the US Department of Environmental Protection Agency.
  • 100s of color to choose from with customization options

Cons of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a great durable option that can come in many different color and customization options but there are still cons to this paint application.

  • Hard to touch-up
  • Eventually breaks down under prolonged UV ray exposure
  • Less control of the smoothness and hard to create thin layers

Powder coating is a great choice for a well-coated product for your customers if you want a durable finish that is environmentally friendly and you are looking for a wide variety of finish options.

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