Electroplating can be used on a variety of surfaces. There’s not really much that can’t be electroplated these days, but just because it can doesn’t mean it should be. So when do you use electroplating and on what kind of products? Well here are a few features of electroplating and how they will enhance your product. 

  • Conducts electricity – In the technological age conducting electricity is important for many gadgets on the market including computer chips. Having the ability to make any product conduct electricity is a huge selling point for electroplating. Not to mention that electroplating can also make a product magnetic, increasing the product’s function! 
  • Reduces friction – With some items, it’s dangerous to have too much friction. This could cause an electrical shortage or even a fire. Electroplating can solve that problem and help circumvent disaster! 
  • Creates a barrier – Electroplating creates a hard barrier around any product. These products tend to last longer and hold up longer in extreme conditions. Good for parts that need to be replaced frequently due to excessive use. 
  • Heat Resistant – products that are susceptible to high heat benefit from electroplating’s heat resistant material. Having an electroplated product used for engine pieces can greatly increase the lifespan of these parts. 
  • Enhanced appearance – And finally, anytime we talk about electroplating we have to talk about the appearance! Electroplating creates a beautiful sleek surface that makes any product look amazing! 

Electroplating is a great way to enhance any product! There are so many benefits for the product and that helps us as consumers and producers create products that are efficient and will last a long time! 

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