Today’s consumer is always in search of the most efficient and long-lasting way to complete a project. That’s why many consumers look to powder coating in order to quickly paint their products and save money. But when should you use it?

From our previous blogs, we know that powder coating is a dry powder application applied electrostatically and cured under UV light or heat. Almost anything can be powder coated including most metals, glass, and certain types of wood and plastic. Since the powder coating process uses high temperatures, products that are made of rubber or can otherwise melt are not ideal for powder coating. 

Powder coating is perfect for:

  • Large quantity orders
  • Metal parts less than 6’ long, 42” high by 25” wide
  • Motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or automobile restoration
  • Home appliances such as gas range stoves and mixers
  • Outdoor home features such as doors, fences, and statues
  • And so much more!

Reconsider powder coating if: 

  • Your product can not hold the electrostatic charge needed
  • Your product might melt at high temperatures 

At Professional Plating, we pride ourselves in product enhancement and durability. We use our 10 stage pre-treatment and our life-extending non-chrome sealant to protect your products from corrosion and contamination. Making the powder coating process as clean as possible is our first priority in order to give you the best-finished product. 

Powder coating has come far in recent years and here at Professional Plating, we utilize the latest technology for applying your finish. There is a lot to think about when wondering if you should powder coat your products or not. Today most products can be power coated, but if you still have concerns or questions, please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions about your project that you might have. 

Our other services include Barrel Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Multi-Process Plating and Coating, Pro-Advantage Coating, Pro-Dura Clear (only available at Professional Plating), and Zinc PlatingGet a quote today if you are in need of coating or plating services.