In the Professional Plating industry, E-coating is one of the best options to date! It skyrocketed in popularity in that less than couple of decades, but what is it and why is it so popular?

E-coating, or Electroplating, is the process of coating your product with a different metal through electrical currents. This works by submerging your product in water with the coating materials. An electrical current is then passed through the water. This makes the coating materials in the water, like resin, adhere to the surface of the parts. The process then continues with normal curing to make the coat hard and durable.

E-coating can be applied to any product with a hard surface and most metals can be e-coated. The reason it is so popular is that businesses can now buy cheaper metals for their products and then get them electro-coated with a more durable and resistant metal to make them last longer. It is a great process to keep costs down. It also is useful when a product is made of a metal that cannot conduct electricity.

E-coating has been around for about half a century now and has taken the world by storm. Many auto parts, medical equipment, and hardware are electro-coated nowadays to save money on production and consumption. There are countless ways it can help you and your product and many different metals that will work for what you need! Basically, E-coating gives you the power, resistance, and durability of any metal you can think of without a giant price tag. What could be better than that?


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