Electroplating is the process of coating surfaces with metal plating using electricity. It is used from mechanical shops to hospitals and almost everywhere in between! The reason it is used in so many different and diverse fields is because it enhances the metal and adds some great properties! In some fields, it’s imperative to have certain metal properties on your tools! Here are a few of the reasons when to use electroplating.

  • Aesthetics – Electroplating comes in a variety of different colors and can greatly enhance the visual effects of your product! It is also a lot cheaper to electroplate your bike in gold than having a solid gold bike, and that goes for everything. It is much easier to coat an item in the metal you want than making an item all from your desired metal!
  • Conductivity – Certain metals like aluminum don’t conduct electricity, so coating them with gold or silver can make them more useful for technological items. Companies that make cell phone circuit boards use electroplating for your phone circuits to make them run smoothly.
  • Protection – Metals all have different rusting times and a clock of how long it will take to chip or start looking worse. It is easy with electroplating to coat your product in a different metal that takes longer to rust and chip! Zinc even protects the product underneath by corroding off before the other metal so you can easily know when to get it electroplated again!

It depends on what you want to use your product for if you want to get it electroplated. Electroplating only benefits your product! Keep this in mind when thinking about getting the best product for you, or your customers.

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