Zinc plating is the process of coating a substrate metal with a zinc coating to protect it from corroding.  This process is most commonly used in the auto industry to protect the critical components of a vehicle.  Zinc plating is done to important automotive parts such as brake calipers, brake pipes, and power steering to promote the service life of these parts. 

There are different types of zinc plating to choose from to best suit your needs.  Yellow zinc is most commonly used for automotive parts because it provides a good level of corrosion resistance.  Black zinc offers a little less corrosion resistance than yellow zinc. Blue or clear zinc plating provides the least amount of corrosion resistance.  Acid zinc coating adds brightness to objects, improving the item aesthetically while protecting them from damage. Zinc plating can add years of life to metal products, up to 30 years!

Benefits of Zinc Plating

  •         High strength – adds strength to the substrate
  •         Lightweight – does not weigh down the object
  •         Corrosion resistance – keeps out moisture
  •         Recyclability/environmentally friendly
  •         Low cost because zinc is an abundant metal
  •         Zinc plating can add texture to the substrate

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