Zinc Plating and galvanization can seem very similar when looking into processes to get your product metal plated. Both processes involve zinc being applied to your product, but how they get applied and the results vary greatly. Here are a few differences between zinc plating and galvanization:

The process – Zinc plating is a process where the zinc is electroplated onto the surface of your metal in a thin layer. This helps with rust and corrosion. Galvanization is usually done with the product dipped in molten zinc. The rust and corrosion properties of galvanization are way better compared to zinc plating.

Surface differences – when a product is zinc plated, the results are a smooth and shiny product with a thin layer of zinc being electrically applied to the product. This layer isn’t very thick but it still does a pretty good job of protecting your product. Galvanization instead will make your product a little rough and dull, but the protective layer will be much thicker and provides a bunch more protection.

Price – There are a lot of pros and cons to both zinc plating and galvanization. Price is always a big one though. With galvanization, the added benefits come with a steeper price tag while zinc plating is pretty cheap.

Both zinc plating and galvanization are really good at protecting your product. They have quite a few differences that make them stand out as the process that will work best for you, but you can’t go wrong with either process. Get your product plated with zinc today at Professional Plating!

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